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Clikky is your one stop to all the home and living items that you need. You can buy anything from utensils to rugs at our online store. Looking for the perfect cushions to complement the style of your living room? We have number of different styles of cushions for you to choose from. They are stylish , trendy and colourful. With these amazing cushions, you can add a splash of color to your room. There are also many cushions with witty sayings on it which will be the perfect gift for your loved ones! The first thing that any person who enters a home will notice is the way you have decorated it. Home decor can either make or break the look of your home. It is very important that your home decor matches your style. Like even a simple rug can change the whole look of the room. At our online store, we have beautiful rugs, carpets and mats that will accentuate your room. Persian rugs, Samarkand rugs, classic printed mats are available to add some style to your rooms. Another accessory that will add some finesse to your rooms are wall clocks. They not only tell us the time but also improve the decor of your home. There are an umpteen number of wall clocks at our store where you can choose the perfect one for you. Having the right type of cutlery is always a good thing. When you have visitors over for a meal and do not have good cutlery, it will be pretty embarrassing! At clikky we have all the cutlery you need to have at home. Serving spoons , dessert spoons, tea spoons, table knives and table forks, we have the cutlery for all your meals! Now shop for home and living accessories from our collection and avail amazing discounts and deals.