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Exclusive Range of Men’s Wallets Online in Pakistan


A wallet is a versatile accessory every man carries with him. They are important men ‘s accessories not only because they hold money, but also items like receipts, cards, and a number of other similar items. For this precise reason, it is necessary that you carry premium quality wallets at all times. Whether you wish to update your wallet with a casual or office style wallet for all your needs, at Clicky.pk you will find a range of branded wallets like Jafferjees, Mochi Leather, etc. in modern and classic styles. They range from a magnetic clamshell, bi-folds, to sleek money clips.


An Array of Styles and Designs to choose from at Clicky Pakistan


When you need to keep your cards and cash securely, Clicky.pk offers its valued customers a wide range of choices.  These days, Bi-fold wallets for men are widely available in different designs. Some have a slimmer profile with ample storage pockets for cards, while some have shared pockets that keep cash and cards together. Some have individual sleeves or cards, allowing you to organize them properly for easy access.


Tri-fold wallets are also popular among men, which have more space in them to keep receipts, pictures, cash and other items safely. They also include a transparent paper, which appears more like a window for easy access to license or other important cards. Such wallets for men are not just stylish at Clicky, but they are quite affordable too! Others include:


  • Sports Wallet: these are ideal for athletic people who play outdoors. What makes them special is that they have zippers on them, which prevent items from falling out. Some also have Velcro in them for added strength and support for longer use. Others in this category have other features like resistance to water, elasticity and more.

  • Travel Wallets: these are slightly bigger in size than sports wallet and have more room for important items like your ID card and passport. They are ideal for business persons or people who travel a lot.


Diverse Collection of Sophisticated Branded Wallets for Men


Clicky has some of the most popular branded wallets in store for trendy men. Some of the top ones in our inventory include Kurshi ‘s collection, Gucci, Coach, Ajmery, Carlton, and numerous others. Whether you need one in a classic look with rich black or brown colors or want one to make a modern fashion statement with nylon billfold, you can find any branded and leather wallets you are searching for at Clicky.pk. Shopping online from Clicky, you can also compare the prices of other men ‘s wallets and find the best one that fits your need. We can deliver your wallet to you in no time with Cash on delivery services, so hurry and shop now!