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Formal Shirts

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Amazing Assortment of Men’s Formal Shirts in Pakistan Only at Clicky

Whether you are going to office on routine basis or just getting ready for a formal ceremony, the selection of good and well-looking attire is necessary. Formal shirts are made for the same purpose that are decent as well as polish the grace of a man. Men’s formal shirts in Pakistan are effortlessly found in wide collection provided by Clicky. Being an online shopping marketplace, it has reduced prices of each apparel and hence provided the special discounts not just on certain occasions but also on regular days. But before going for final online shopping of formal shirts for men, ponder on the below specs.

Features of Formal Shirts for Men


The right style of formal shirts defines the right flair of a professional man. The style a professional man’s choice really matters. Shirt styles are very much dependent upon collars and cuffs. Mainly there are two sorts of formal shirt collars, one is point collar and second is spread collar. Point collar is the most common type. The distance between collar points is quite less and longer flair also elongates the face. The other style is also called cutaway collar. The upper part of shirt is more revealed because of cut away points of collars. The designs of cuff include button cuffs and French cuffs. Button cuff style has one button or may be two buttons arranged side-by-side. One end has buttons and other end has openings. French cuff style of men’s dress shirts encompass double cuffs which are fastened with the help of cufflinks. Men can purchase their cufflinks or fabric knots for such modes.


Three prime names are considered when materials for formal shirts are discussed. Those are silk, polyester and cotton. Silk is extraordinarily smooth. The light sheen of silk material is attention-grabbing which is why it is admired for formal parties. Silk’s delicacy requires care. Cotton is soft and breathable and has also the feature of durability. Brumano, Alkaram Studio, The Alpha Male and Shahzeb Saeed are famous names for branded dress shirts for men. Polyester shirts are loved by men who are always hasty in morning as it is stain and wrinkle-resistant.

Colors and Patterns

While choosing men’s formal shirts, the wise choice of color is significant. Blue suits every man. Other than that, white is also decent. Some other shades like of reds and greens are also available but they are more apt for celebrated events. Patterns include solid, striped and checked. Solid patterns are described by single color. Striped casual shirts and t-shirts have multiple tones and white is being adored as base tone. Checked patterns represent numerous tiny boxes because of balanced alignment of vertical and horizontal lines.


The measurement of neck, chest and sleeve defines the accurate style of size. Usually the variation includes extra small, small, medium, large, extra large and XXL. Clicky has all such sizes with precise size chart for all sorts of buyers.