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Comfortable Bras for Women at Unbeatable Prices


Every woman feels conscious about the perfection of her body. Many take intense care of their exercise routine and diet but still search for the best ways to keep their curves well defined. That’s when women depend on special innerwear garments like bras. A woman’s figure looks incomplete without the perfect looking bra and that’s why it is important to have the best quality ones to flaunt your curves and feel confident. For exclusive and affordable ladies bras in Pakistan, you don’t need to wander around in malls or shops anymore. Clicky.pk is the right online marketplace that has a wide variety of branded bras like Espico available at cheaper and unbeatable prices.


Clicky’s Ultimate Guide to the Types of Bras for Women


You should know that not all types of bras for women are the same. Today, you can find many options that provide comfort and support. Generally, bras vary in terms of their functionality, shape, fit, color, coverage, fabric, and fashion. To make your online shopping experience easier, go through the following guide on the types of bras available for women on Clicky.


  • Push-up Bra: this type of bra helps to enhance the cleavage. It has angled cups with foam padding to push the bust upwards and inwards. Some women also refer to it as demi cup bra and ladies with smaller busts prefer to wear it to enhance the shape of their upper body.

  • T-shirt Bra: These kinds of bra feature cups lined with padding of foam (thin). They have contoured styles to fit any bust size and you can wear them confidently under body hugging T-shirts, sweaters, and other tops.

  • Padded Bra: These bra types also help to enhance the bust size and cleavage. They have thicker foam or pad linings and help to define a better upper body shape. You can wear these under light fabrics. Clicky has a wide range of such bras for women, perfect for every body shape!

  • Sports Bra: usually, athletic women prefer this option. They provide the perfect support while you play sports or exercise in the gym. Their material consists of adsorbent and stretchable fabric such as Lycra.


Apart from these, you can find more options like bras for breastfeeding mothers, fashion bras like Espico’s net and more.


Money Saving Bra Deals for Women at Clicky


In Pakistan, we know that shopping for women’s bras and lingerie sets is not an easy task. For this precise reason, we have exciting deals for all women. Deals like a pack of 3 bras and a pack of 4 comfort bra by Ajmery are hot sellers in our inventory. Grab the best deal that fits your budget and shop your heart out for quality branded ladies bras in Pakistan!