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FAQ for Sellers

How do I sell in Clicky?

Partnering with us will help you reach out to a wider set of target audience, along with augmenting your monthly sales, thus boosting your income each month. The first step to initiate this process is to fill out and submit the form on the ‘ Sell on Clicky’ page. The registration will be verified and approved by the admin, based on the facts and figures that we receive.

Do I need to pay to become a seller on Clicky?

Not at all! You don’t have pay for registering with us. Business of all sizes can register with us and list their products on Clicky for FREE.

The only time you pay for anything is when you sell a product successfully. You will be charged a reasonable fee, not exceeding actual cost, for every successful sale you make. However, you will not be charged any fees until you make a successful sale.

How many products am I allowed to add into my account?

There is no limit on how many products you can sell on Clicky. If the product uploading is turning out cumbersome and time-consuming, Bulk Upload options can be made available on request, to help you upload numerous products at the same time.

How can I add products to a category that’s not available on Clicky?

If you are looking for a category that we don’t have at the moment, please send us your request quickly and we will soon add the category that you are looking for.

Can I sell internationally on Clicky?

Yes you can, but at the moment, only the products from apparel category are allowed to be sold internationally. But makes sure to remember that no cash-on-delivery option will be available for internationally sales, as Clicky will directly settle the payments with you on monthly basis.

How can I change my shipping partner?

To start with, we have partnered with Blue Ex, one of the reputed shipping service providers in the country. Delivery of products can be scheduled through the merchant panel, where sellers are provided with ample options to plan the delivery of products from each of the sales received.

We promise to join hands with more reputed shipping partners in the coming days.

What do I do if a buyer wants to return a sold product?

Buyers can request for return and refund through their respective accounts on Clicky, after verifying the compliance of their requests with our guidelines. The requests for return/refunds and cancellations will reach the merchant panel of the seller, and will simultaneously be verified by the admin. Both the buyers and the sellers will receive e-mails when the seller approves or denies the return/refund/cancellation request.

What should I do if a buyer returns a damaged product and demand a reimbursement?

If a buyer returns a product that’s damaged, figure out when and how the damage occurred. If the fault rests on your side, you are left with no room for excuses to deny them a reasonable reimbursement. On the other hand, if you are convinced that the damage has happened from the buyer’s side, while unpacking or handling the product, you are always free to deny a reimbursement, citing the facts with ample proofs.

How do I get paid for my sales?

Within a few hours of successful completion of Clicky registration process, sellers will receive emails with details to login to their respective Cash on Delivery Account with Shipping Partner(s). All the payments will be made directly by the shipping partner, on a bi-monthly basis, to the bank account suggested by the merchant.